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New School Building Tour

by Whitmore School Council

School Parliament visit to the new school construction site February, 2020

School parliament were fortunate to be invited on a tour of the construction site for our new school. The new building aims to be ready for pupils by September 2021. However, the project will not be completed until April 2022. The new Whitmore High School building is designed to be a three storey building with room for 1100 pupils including 6th form facilities.

As you may be aware the estimated cost of the build of the new school is £28.7 million. At the beginning of the build it was estimated the completion would take 127 weeks. Once we move into the new school, the demolition of the current school takes place. This site will be transformed into sports pitches using soil dug up as foundations. In the new building the roof will be going up in March.

The new site has been divided into blocks. Blocks A and C are the main areas where learning will take place in 70 classrooms. Block B has indoor sports facilities. Block D is the main entrance which contains the multi-functional hall with retractable seating, as well as the large dining area. One of the outstanding feature of the school will be the Art block on the top floor with vaulted skylights installations allowing natural light for a tranquil learning environment.

Our school is set to be the first of many new buildings in the Vale of Glamorgan under the 21st Century Schools programme.

School parliament will be visiting on a regular basis and will send you updates.