A/AS English Literature

Past Papers Unit 1 Unit 2
Unit 1 Past Papers & Mark Schemes Key Quotations L15-16 The Mayor of Casterbridge An Appreciation Lessons so far (Duffy)
Unit 2 Past Papers & Mark Schemes L1 Individual Learning Pack  L17 Hardy’s Philosophy Revision Pack Contents (Duffy)
L9 British Library An Intoduction to Lady Winermere L17 Simon Avery MoC Lessons so far (Larkin)
L9 Confilt between Pre-modernity and modernity L17 Victorian Literature Revision Pack Contents (Larkin)
L10 Critical anallysis of Epigrams  L18 Comedy of manners Duffy & Larking Links
L14 Feminist essay L18 Melodrama
L14 Women as figures of disorder in the plys of Oscar Wilde L19 Attitude towards challenges of conventions
L15-16 Aristotle’sideas about Tragedy L19 Power and Passivity – Feminist Perspective
  L15-16 Henchard Confllicted Protagonist L19 The Social Role and Treatment of Women