A/AS Level Film

Past Papers & Mark Schemes Crib Sheets Presentations Revision Tools & Others
2018 AS Component 1 PP Amy Amy Auteur theory – Tristan & Sam
2018 AS Component 1 MS City of Gold Bonny & Clyde Film Scaffold March 2020 Draft
2018 AS Component 2 PP La La Land Captain Fantastic Film Theories – Alex and Ally
2018 AS Component 2 MS Moon Casablanca Production work- screenplay
2019 AS Component 1 PP Pan’s Labarynth Keaton Shorts Queer Theory – Ellie & Jake
2019 AS Component 1 MS Shaun of the Dead La La Land Schreiber Theory
2019 AS Component 2 PP Moon Types of Shot
2019 AS Component 2 MS On Flew Over Y12 Film Revision Booklet
  Pan’s Labarynth Year 12 Revision
  Pulp Fiction Enterprise & Employability ideas project
SOTD Personal Digital Record for Community Project
  Taxi Tehran