KS3 English

Summer Term Work

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Week 1 – 1st June
Synonyms  & School Rules Task Extract 1 & Author Herself Tasks Of Mice and Men [Full Text]
Context Research
Week 2 – 8th June
Capital Letters, Full Stops Capital Letters, Full Stops Of Mice and Men – Chapter 1
TI Diary Entry TI Diary Entry Chapter 1 Worksheet
Week 3 – 15th June
In the News Task Extract 3 & Read All About It Tasks  Of Mice and Men – Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Worksheet
Week 4 – 22nd June
Commas & Editing Commas & Editing Of Mice and Men – Chapter 3
TI Speech TI Speech Chapter 3 Worksheet
Week 5 – 29th June
Swapping Places Task Extract 4 & Female Writers Tasks  Of Mice and Men – Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Worksheet
Week 6 – 6th July
Commonly Misused Words Commonly Misused Words Of Mice and Men – Chapter 5
TI Letter TI Letter Chapter 5 Worksheet
Week 7 – 13th July
Book Review Book Review Of Mice and Men – Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Worksheet
      Of Mice and Men – Character Quotes
      Of Mice and Men – Theme Quotes
      Of Mice and Men – Knowledge Organiser


For Years 7, 8 & 9

Spelling Comprehension Proofreading Vocabulary Reading
Worksheet 1 Questions LA LA Apostrophes Worksheet Vocabulary LA Comprehension
Wooksheet 2 Questions MA LA Capital Letters Vocabulary MA Online Reading List
Wooksheet 3 Questions HA LA Spelling Vocabulary HA Writing Dice Activity
Worksheet 4 MA Worksheet KS3 Work Choice
Spelling and Punctuation HA Worksheet Online Reading Books
Year 7 Google Classroom Year 8 Google Classroom
Sports Coach Write Unconscious Machinery of the Brain NF If I Ruled the School Write The Teenage Brain NF
What is a Story What the Dickens The Hate U Give Read What the Dickens
Alien Story Write Writing Precision Festival Director Write Writing Precision
 Information for Parents