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Christmas hamper donations

Pupils of the newly formed Whitmore High School Parliament experienced linking with their local community for themselves this week. As a school parliament they decided in October to support people in their local community who may need some extra support, especially in the Christmas season. All pupils of Whitmore High School were asked to donate food to create festive food hampers for local people. The generosity of the pupils and staff at Whitmore has been amazing and over fifteen hampers full of essentials and many treats have beautifully been created and seasonally decorated. The hampers were delivered to two local day centres where they were received.

One of the centres was ‘New Horizons’ which is a day centre for adults with physical disabilities who reside in the Vale of Glamorgan. The aim of the centre is to promote well-being, choice and independence for adults whom may need a bit of support to continue with their independent living. Local resident Terry was very pleased to receive a Hamper as it had some of his favourite biscuits. Ruby, a pupil, said her best present when she was younger was a doll which, guest Judith said, was also her favourite present. The centre is based at Hen Goleg, College Fields Close, Barry CF62 8LF – by the Cherry Orchard. The centre is a registered charity and has several events throughout the year where people can come and buy homemade crafts and other items. Manager, Linda Ruston gave the pupils a lovely tour of the centre.

The pupils also visited Rondell House Day Centre, elderly guests visit the centre to meet and have company and support. Here pupils shared their understanding about Christmas with the elderly people. The different experiences of Christmas were amazing. The guests all had memories of Christmas past. Dorothy said her most memorable present was having an apple or even a small bar of chocolate in her Christmas Stocking. Eunice fondly remembered making paper chain Christmas decorations with her mum and sisters. She said her Mum was very strict on making the chains neat and all the same size! One guest, Mary, asked the pupils if they could sing, so Molly, Ruby and Olivia gave an impromptu performance! A lovely experience of young and old sharing memories.