A wide variety of hot and cold food is available during break and lunchtime.

Take a peek at the Whitmore High School menu below and for prices click here

Paying for school meals couldn’t be easier. Sign up to the parent pay app and your child will be given a PIN to pay as they go for school meals.

Canteen Menu


For more information on free school meals, please visit the Council’s website

From 1 April 2019 the Welsh Government has introduced an earned income threshold of £7,400 for Universal Credit claimants for the purpose of assessing eligibility for free school meals. The introduction of this threshold means that from the 1 April 2019, households in receipt of Universal Credit who have annualised net earnings from employment or self-employment of £7,400 or less will be eligible for free school meals. Households in receipt of Universal Credit earning above this threshold will not be eligible. Alongside this threshold, transitional protection measures will also be introduced, which will protect families from losing entitlement to free school meals for a limited period of time. To view the Welsh Government’s FAQ’s please click here