A Guide for parents and carers


Illness and absence from school

A guide for parents and carers



We expect you to…

  • contact the school to let us know if and why your child is unable to attend that day
  • keep in contact with the school if the period of absence is longer than 2 days
  • if you are unable to contact the school on the day of absence, write a note in your child’s planner and ask them to bring it to the Hub
  • if your child has to leave early/arrive late for medical appointments please put a note in their planner. Please try and make these appointments at the beginning or end of the day so your child can still attend school on that day.
  • please inform us of any ongoing medical conditions or ongoing concerns you may have. We want your child to be comfortable and happy in school

100% – not missing any lessons

99% – missing about 10 lessons

98% – missing about 20 lessons

97% – missing about 30 lessons



96% – missing about 8 days, difficult to catch up from lost leaning from about 40 lessons

95% – missing about 2 weeks from school, time to callio

93% – missing about 14 days, almost 3 weeks



92% and below – missing more than 3 weeks of education. A serious loss of learning which is likely to have a detrimental effect on achievement and life chances.


Attendance Officer

Ms N Ansell

01446 411411 option 1


Education Welfare Service

01446 709180