Learning Support at Whitmore High School
Individuals may need some extra support to help them meet their academic and social potential. The department consists of the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCO) and a team of experienced teaching assistants who work in different ways to help your son/daughter to access the curriculum.
Whitmore High School has experience of meeting different needs including: general learning difficulties, dyslexia, autism spectrum condition, hearing impairment, visual impairment, speech, language and communication difficulties and behavioural, social and emotional difficulties.
 We value every learner and want to ensure each student can access a broad and balanced curriculum. We endeavour to make adjustments to ensure that our school is as inclusive as possible.
The Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Act
The ALN Act is being implemented over three years from January 2022. This will replace the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice and terms including Statement of SEN, School Action and School Action Plus will no longer be used.
Learners with Additional Learning Needs who require Additional Learning Provision (ALP) will have an Individual Development Plan (IDP).
Additional Learning Provision refers to a higher level of support beyond the scope of the school’s standard provision for all students.
Additional Learning Provision is defined by the Act as ‘educational or training provision that is additional to, or different from, that generally made for others the same age.’  (Section 6.11)
Learners with support needs will be recorded on the Whitmore High School Monitor Register and will be identified to staff, they may also have a support plan.
How a student could be supported at Whitmore High School
The ALN Act Implementation Flowchart
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Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Guidance
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