Whitmore Transition Page

All you need to know about your Transition to Whitmore High
Welcome Year 6
Welcome message from Mr Robinson (Headmaster) September 2021 – Click here
Welcome message from Mr Hutton (Head of Year 7) September 2021 – Click here
Parent Guide to Whitmore transition – Click here
Key Year 7 contact details
Mark Hutton – Head of Year 7: Huttonm6@hwbcymru.net
Sue Neilson – Well Being Manager: Neilsons2@hwbcymru.net / 01446 411 411 – Option 4
Nikki Ansell – Attendance Officer: Anselln2@hwbcymru.net / 01446 411 411 – Option 1
Matthew Davies – ALNCo: Daviesm1244@hwbcymru.net / 01446 411 411 – Option 3
David Williams – Safeguarding: Williamsd775@hwbcymru.net
Maria Prosser – Asst Headteacher for Inclusion and Well-Being: Prosserm54@hwbcymru.net
Mark Kennedy – Assistant Headteacher: Kennedym21@hwbcymru.net
Nick Emery – Assistant Headteacher: Emeryn1@hwbcymru.net
School canteen: 01446 411 411 – Option 6
Year 7 Form teachers
Lois Easton – Eastonl4@hwbcymru.net
Hayden Pullum – Pullumh@hwbcymru.net
Chloe Sutton- Suttonc4@hwbcymru.net
Catriona Maslin – Email will be available from September
Bethan Thorngate – Email will be available from September
Monica Dancer – Email will be available from September
Transition process videos
“Ask Mr Hutton” – Your questions answered – Click here
Transition tour of Whitmore High School – Click here
Top tips for parents – Click here
Mr Robinson: Whitmore High School Values – Click here
Mrs Thomas: How we use Class Charts to encourage positive behaviour at Whitmore High School – Click here
Meet the pupils videos
Welcome to Whitmore – Pupils share their experiences of Whitmore High School – Click here
Pupil Welcome video – Click here 
Meet the teachers videos
Year 7 form teachers September 2021 – TO BE ADDED LATER
Meet the drama department – Click here
Meet the history department – Click here
Meet the modern languages department – Click here
Meet the Welsh department – Click here
Meet the English department – Click here
Meet the geography department – Click here
Meet the science department – Click here
Important Partners
Parentpay – https://www.parentpay.com/
Class Chartshttps://www.classcharts.com
Practical Advice
Learn how to do a tie – Click here
Travelling to school – Click here
Mobile Phone policy letter – click here
Vale of Glamorgan links
Free School Meals – https://www.valeofglamorgan.gov.uk/en/living/schools/Free-School-Meals.aspx
Pupil Development Grant – https://www.valeofglamorgan.gov.uk/en/living/schools/Pupil-Development-Grant.aspx