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“Social Beingz” entertain KS3

Pupils of Key Stage 3 participated in a session led by a band called Social Beingz as a part of the Higher Tour in South Wales during their RS lessons.

The Higher Tour seeks to positively reach young people in schools and local communities by utilising creative ways and means to aid young people in their exploration of Christian faith. Social Beingz consisted of two band members, Ryan and Josh, who performed their fusion of feel-good pop, EDM and rap, and promoted a positive message to the students of encouraging them in their identity, self-worth and potential. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the music performances alongside the meaningful discussions and questions of who are we? why are we here? and where did we come from? Opinions and ideas varied and pupils were able to explore, engage and express their beliefs and thoughts.

An amazing experience, jam-packed with engaging, relevant, inspirational and motivating content throughout the sessions provided by The Higher Tour.