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7LG First Give social action

As part of the First Give charity challenge, 7LG have completed a number of fundraising events to support their chosen charity, ValePlus.  ValePlus is a charity that helps adults with learning disabilities and teach them useful skills that improve their independence. Mark Mitchell, CEO of ValePlus, visited the class to explain what the charity does and what difference money can make.

The class chose this charity for two reasons:  Firstly, it is a local charity that makes a difference to our community, and secondly, some of the service users attend gym classes with a student in 7LG.

7LG got organised incredibly quickly and ran a successful cake sale that raised £30.  Different students in the class baked the cakes themselves and showed great talent and creativity!

The class also decided to complete a sponsored run around the school’s grass track every lunchtime for a week.  Various members of the class took part and were joined by other staff and students, too.  Sponsorship was obtained from students, staff members and the wider community. So far, the sponsored run has raised £55 and there is still money coming in.

Students in the class said that they feel proud of what they have achieved and that they hope the money raised can make a difference.

Next week, members of 7LG will present their chosen charity and social action as part of the First Give competition where the different year 7 form classes compete to win £1,000 for their chosen charity.  We wish them the best of luck!

Cake Bakers
Cake Sale


Selection of the runners